Digital Camp for Teens:
July 24-26

Design your future & projects for the planet.
Build STEM & leadership skills.


We invite students (age 14-19) from around the world to get creative with tech & build projects that help the planet. Join us in either London or Oxford, or digitally online, for an immersive experience you won’t forget!

Learn how technology can be used to help people, our communities and our planet– then build a project with support from mentors from Oxford University, Vodafone, Microsoft and more. Build tech and leadership skills, and develop your personal profile to prepare for jobs of the future. No programming experience required.

Why join Digital Camp?

What you'll do

Day 1 (July 24th) : Imagine Your Future

Get inspired, discover cool jobs in tech and sustainability. Connect with others around the world for the Climate Change Challenge and start defining the world you want to see. Learn how to set goals and start building your plan with support from mentors.

Includes a special programme for girls to hear from senior women leaders, gain insights on their career journeys, understand skills required for future jobs, and why more women are needed! All are welcome.

Day 2 & 3 (July 25th-26th) : Create Your Future

Learn to design solutions for people using tech. Discover tech in “play & learn” workshops, and work in teams to build projects using tech to help the planet, supported by tech, business, and sustainability professionals. Teams will split work on projects via one of the following tracks.

Workshops & Talks

Tech Workshops & Talks*

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You will learn how to create and edit a simple video to tell the story of your future self in the year 2030.

You will learn how the build a wind-up DIY Kinetic flashlight used to provide light without the need for standard batteries, and learn principles of mechanical engineering. (Add a ticket for this workshop to your order. For each kit purchased, our partner, Ambessa Play is donating 1 kit for a child in need. Ticket must be ordered by July 3rd to allow delivery time.

Learn to fly and take photos with a drone at home with step by step guidance. Understand how 5G networks are bringing new possibilities to life. Kick off a project and build stories to share with friends and family. (Special kit is required for this workshop. Ticket must be ordered 3 weeks before camp to allow delivery time. Delivery outside the UK may be limited.)

Learn about our global carbon footprint and how our daily ways of living and working impact the planet. Calculate your Personal Carbon Footprint and learn how you can make changes that make a different.

Want to design and create experiences that people love? Learn best practices in user-centred Design Thinking. We teach a simplified 3-step process to help you design new products and services that will help the planet.

In this practical workshop, you will learn how to create User Experience Design for an app that you want to build using online tools.

Learn how to plan and build your own website using drag and drop online tools in this 2-hour workshop.

Learn how to build a car powered by solar energy, then race it! Through a series of 2 workshops, you will explore different types of sustainable fuel and how they can be used to power a car, then build a solar powered car using simple components and a programmable board. (This workshop is only available for onsite participants in UK. Ticket must be ordered by July 3rd to allow delivery time for special kit.)

This introduction to coding concepts will use graphical, block-based coding techniques to help get you started into a world where you can build anything.

Learn how to connect devices and data with Raspberry Pi Pico. In this hands-on, 2-hour workshop, you will get an introduction to the Internet of Things, learn the components of the kit, and how to build different kinds of circuits. (Special kit is required for this workshop. Add this workshop ticket to your order by July 3rd, 3 weeks before camp to allow delivery time. Delivery outside the UK may be restricted.)

The world is exploding with data and the secret to the future lies in the insight from the data. Learn the principles of connecting data to create insights. Step into the shoes of an Data Engineer and learn how to prepare and analyse data with Microsoft Azure, then present insights in a PowerBI dashboard.

* Note: Workshops and Talks may be subject to change.

Leadership Workshops & Talks*

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Learn tips & practice techniques taught by professional actor, David Elsendoorn, from the hit series “Ted Lasso” on how to build your confidence and a powerful presence to any audience, whether on screen or in person.

Learn the skills used in Second City’s School of Improvisation and world’s premier comedy club–and how they apply to leadership in business. Learn to step outside your comfort zone in a safe environment and bring your best self to whatever you face in life.

Identify what’s unique to you & who you want to become. Start building your vision, create goals and outline steps to get there with coaching and mentors

Strategies for Peak Performance. What is Flow? Learn about states of peak performance found in top athletes, musicians, developers, business executives. Learn simple tips to create flow in your life.

What is your goal for the coming year? What would you like to do or learn over the next 6 months? A mentor can help you when you ask the right questions. Get started mapping out what you want, then find support from a mentor.

Hear from professionals what they do in their jobs and why they love them. Whatever your talent– whether Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths or connecting with people– you will hear their stories, careers paths, and advice on how to get started.

Your curriculum vitae and digital profile on LinkedIn is the way you will introduce yourself to the professional world. Learn tips and tricks of what makes you stand out and how to prepare. You will start building your CV and if you have a CV, your mentor can offer feedback to present the best version of yourself.

You will learn the importance of building your personal brand NOW, ways to do this online, and how to set up a LinkedIn page and live stream. You will develop a personal tagline and have an opportunity to pitch your story and win prizes!

* Note: Workshops and Talks may be subject to change.



Places are limited. We recommend to register by 3rd July to secure your place and to ensure you will receive any workshop equipment in time.

Proceeds from all tickets support the development of a sustainable digital education programme to help students build and launch their projects, and a fund to support girls and future talent with mentoring and leadership skills.


What you will need

You will need a PC or Mac and a smart phone ideally with video camera plus charging cables and access to the Internet. You will receive email instructions for any further software downloads required for workshops.

Under 18’s require a consent form by a parent / guardian. Under 14’s attending the event in person must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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