Develop entrepreneurial skills and bring your project ideas to life with support from tech & business Mentors. Build a proof of concept & learn to pitch projects that people will invest in.

Digital Incubator is a development and mentoring programme to help teens bring their ideas to life with mentors from Vodafone, Microsoft and more. This programme is designed to help young talent to develop digital, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills, while raising funds to help build a sustainable community education programme.  

Join the Climate Change Challenge

Join a team. Create a green-tech project with support from tech, business and sustainability professionals. Submit your project with a chance to present at COP28 in Dubai, all expenses paid.

Connect for good. Help the planet.

Have you got an idea using technology to reduce our carbon footprint?
We'd like to hear from you!

We invite students from around the world to apply for an opportunity to pitch their project ideas to help the planet.  If your team is selected, you will receive support from technology and business mentors who volunteer to help you develop and test your ideas, create a proof of concept and create a compelling pitch to potential sponsors. Through the programme, you will learn to think like an entrepreneur, work as a team to build ideas that people will invest in.

Key dates

The next cohorts will be:


19th September -10th October 2023, 6-8pm GMT, every Tuesday.

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Applications are now open.

Teams with new project ideas are invited to apply now for the next cohort.

If you don’t have a team and are interested in being part of the Digital Incubator, we are also opening a limited number of places for students who wish to join one of the existing teams:


Recommended age: 14-19 years old. To join the programme, you will need to commit 2 or more hours per week to meet with your team and mentors and complete assigned tasks.

We also recommend a parent, advisor or mentor that can support you with reviewing assigned work outside of Digital Incubator mentoring sessions.

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Discover, connect, play with cutting edge tech with support from Mentors through introductory, hands-on workshops. Work in teams on projects to help the planet at Digital Camp.

Build foundational knowledge in data, AI, digital connectivity, sustainability, and games development. Develop projects, gain work experience, and earn a certificate through our courses. 

Develop entrepreneurial skills and bring your project ideas to life with support from tech and business mentors. Build a proof of concept and learn to pitch projects that people will invest in.

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