Launching a Social Enterprise to Connect for Good

Taking the leap to start my journey as a tech entrepreneur after more than 20 years in the corporate world was not an easy decision. To achieve the goals I’d set for myself, I knew I must leave my corporate job.  I’m on a mission to help build the next generation of sustainable business leaders that solve problems that help the planet. 

Through this new social enterprise, Digital Camp Ltd., my goal is to help teens build digital skills and to help businesses to grow skilled talent as leaders of tech and sustainable business. I’m now raising funds & looking for great people and businesses to join this venture.

I’m grateful for the partners and collaborators from VodafoneMicrosoftElastacloud and more who share this mission and have supported me over the last 5 years. Since 2018, over 400 students and 100 volunteers and joined Digital Camp and Digital Incubator. I’m continually amazed by the stories they tell about new inspiration, skills, work experiences, and leadership roles acquired.

Also in November, we launched Digital Academy, partnering with schools and businesses to help teens learn the fundamentals of tech and gain work experience:

-Connect Like a Pro (with Vodafone)
-Get Started with AI (with Microsoft)

On Dec 2nd-3rd, we host our next Digital Camp and our first developer hackathon. These programmes are helping to raise funds for teens to launch their green tech projects.   

As I prepare for the next stage of my journey, I’m reminded of where this venture really started — trekking in Iceland to raise money for girls in need. It was important, we knew we had to do it, and we got it done as a team.

People ask me what it’s like on the “other side” of corporate life, so I thought I’d share some insight.

Time flies by. My challenge now is not just about climbing the proverbial mountain — it’s about sprinting. It’s finding great people to join the journey and building leaders along the way. It’s finding daily ways to drive exponential results for the time we invest. We celebrate our summits and then do it again with bigger mountains to climb. The risks are big; the rewards are great. I’ve never been more excited to work together with people and businesses in ways that deeply matter.

Thank you to:
Vodafone Business for the opportunity to lead great projects and Vodafone Foundation for inspiring me to climb big mountains.
-inspirational leaders Vinod KumarKatrina LowesEbru Ozguc who encouraged me to experiment & learn, and who coached and mentored me along the way.
Richard ConwayWarwick HillAndrew DunnettAmit Chakrabarti for sound advice on building a sustainable & purpose-driven business.
-the amazing volunteers of Digital Camp and Digital Incubator. Jane PittAndy LinhamLarry Dutton who are leading the first Digital Academy courses to help our cause. 
-Research team from Harvard, Eton, and Flow Research Collective Jonathan BealeMichael Mannino, MA, PhDDr Iro Konstantinou